Advanced C++ programming and introduction C++11, TBA

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This course is designed to introduce delegates to more advanced use of C++ as well as introducing the most common parts of C++11. It will cover techniques and idioms that allow for more efficient and safer use of the language as well as the concepts that make C++ different from other languages. Modern C++ techniques and facilities such as the STL are used throughout to introduce developers to the full power of the C++ language. One day is devoted to new C++11 features.


What you will learn

Through the duration of this intensive four day course you will explore most advanced C++ topics and will gain a solid understanding of the techniques and idioms for using the C++ programming language. By the end of the course you will have both the knowledge and confidence to apply these new concepts to your current project.

Course Objectives

The course is split evenly between discussion of concepts and practical work. Beginning with a refresher on C++ fundamentals, the class will continue to cover the following topics:

  • Refresher on C++ fundamentals
  • Efficient and safe memory management techniques
  • Exception–safe coding techniques
  • Use of the standard libraries for productivity, portability and efficiency
  • Advanced C++ idioms and techniques
  • Introduction to C++11 covering auto, uniform initialisation, lambdas, rvalue references and move semantics

Who should attend

This course is designed for programmers with a working knowledge of C++ who want to learn more. Developers who know C# or Java and have a working knowledge of C++ will also benefit from understanding the idioms and patterns that make C++ different.


A working knowledge of C++

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