Teamcenter, TBA

Kursleverandør: Zenith Systems

Veilendende pris: kr 7000,- eks mva

Get started with using Teamcenter in short time. This Course will take you through what you need to know to be able to work with Teamcenter.

  • Overview of Teamcenter terms and concepts
  • Use rich client user interface to perform basic tasks
  • Locate, view and report on product data
  • Create Teamcenter items and update properties
  • Protecg and access product data
  • Work in projects
  • View, build and edet product structure
  • Use standard product data in product structures
  • Configure produc structure with variants
  • Locate and view visualization data and perform basic markup and measurement functions
  • Assign tasks, perform tasks and track the completion af tasks in a workflow process
  • Find interrogate and create change objects
  • Verify th change configuration
  • Create, edit and analyze data using Microsoft Office integration
  • Overview of thin client

The primary audience for this course are users who design, configure and release data using Teamcenter.



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